LEAGOO Becomes the Third Chinese Smartphone Brand Joining Hands with European Top Football League after Huawei and OPPO
Chinesemobile phone manufacturers seem to form a deep bond with Football. Huawei had sponsored Spanish Primera División, and lately OPPO supported FC Barcelona. Many of the Chinese mobile phone brands are eager to cooperate with those famous Football Leagues. LEAGOO, as the new force of Chinese mobile phone, will land in Premier League at UTC+8 22:00 October 29th. LEAGOO will make its first debut on the Hawthorns, where West Brom will be against Manchester City.

In the world Football League, Top European Football League obviously becomes the “Supernova” to those enterprises who eager to promote their brands. Premier League definitely plays an important role in the rapid development of the European top Football League. Not only Premier League gains more and more loyal fans from all over the world, but also gains a considerable amount of income from television transmit, brand promotion and shirt sponsors. With keen business vision, sponsorship actively plunge into this contest to strive for the team business resources.

As one of the few Smartphone brand which focuses on overseas market, LEAGOO splashes out on landing in Premier League, in order to open up European market with the help of famous team. “Growing Every Moment” is what LEAGOO always pursuit since the brand starts. LEAGOO’s debut on Premier League will lead the brand into a larger market, carrying LEAGOO to a new direction with stronger influence.


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